How To Elf

Visiting ELF

What ages are welcome at ELF?

While we think kids of any age will enjoy the ELF space, it is mainly geared for those ages 0-10 years and their adults.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes. It’s free.

My little one has a gluten intolerance/is vegetarian/is vegan. Can you accommodate him?

We’ll try our darndest! We work to anticipate these dietary needs and accommodate them as possible.

I am breastfeeding. What are your policies for breastfeeding moms?

ELF welcomes breastfeeding wherever mom and baby are most comfortable. If you prefer privacy, we have our Soothing Silo™, an enclosed quiet space, for just this purpose. It even offers a conveniently placed outlet if you’re pumping!

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm. We are available for private events outside of those hours. Parties are held on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. If there’s a specific day and time you want to host your event during regular business hours, let’s work something out!


Do I have to be a member to frolic at ELF?

No. Memberships are available for those who love ELF so much, they visit at least once per week and/or have multiple children in the family and visit regularly.

Do I have to be a member to have my party at ELF?


Do you charge everyone to visit ELF?

Play is charged only to little ones, not their adults. Babes in arms (under 6 months) are free of charge.

Are there discounts available?

PlayCards offer discounted play and our members receive a 10% discount on any purchases at ELF, be it at the coffee bar, a retail item, or a party.

I'm a member. Can I bring one of my children and 2 of her friends?

Membership is intended for immediate family members to enjoy their time at ELF together and possibly make new friends. We provide guest passes for those times friends or cousins want to join you. Multiple guest passes can be used at the same time.

ELF – The Company

How long has ELF been around?

ELF has existed in concept since 2013 but in an actual brick-and-mortar location since December 21, 2015.

Who owns ELF; isn't it a franchise?

ELF is not a franchise. It was created by and is owned principally by two working moms, Melissa & Ellen. They have an interested pool of private investors who helped open the doors and those investors also own a portion of ELF.

I want to open my own ELF. Where do I start?

Contact us! Let’s talk.


Tues - Sat
10 am - 2 pm



PHONE: 231 943 2272

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